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The home of the Premier League club Fulham F.C.. – the Craven Cottage in London (UK) – is undergoing transformation and once completed, it would work wonders for the catchment area on which it sits as well as for the ‘Global City’ London.

Angelo Giannuzzi who is the Project Development Officer of Fulham F.C. has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry having served in countries like the Russia, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Fulham F.C.

The Fulham Football Club is an English professional football club based in Fulham, London (UK), which competes in the Premier League. They have played home games at the Craven Cottage since 1896.

Craven Cottage

The Craven Cottage is a football ground in Fulham, West London, England (UK), which has been the home of Fulham F.C. since 1896. The ground’s capacity stands at 22,384.

Angelo Giannuzzi, Project Development Officer, Fulham F.C., UK, tells ‘Coliseum’ how the new-look Craven Cottage would boast top-of-the-range offerings not only for football buffs but also for people who have least interest in the game of soccer. It would be a destination unto itself where people can spend memorable and magical moments.

Angelo Giannuzzi began by asserting that the Craven Cottage redevelopment is a very “ambitious project on hand. The idea is to redevelop this iconic stadium of England into a year-round destination and transform this amazing asset in such a manner that not only football fans but the community as whole get to spend precious moments here.”

The Craven Cottage is London’s original club and this year they have been showing their “prowess on the pitch”.

London’s next great destination will be Fulham Pier. Designed by architect Populous, the development will bring about a sea change in the riverside walkway and will transform the same into a world class leisure destination, a pathway that will allow an uninterrupted walk along the banks of the River Thames between Hammersmith and Putney Bridges and a choice of amenities for visitors to enjoy throughout the year. It will include restaurants, a Riverside Market, meeting and events spaces, bars and lounges, a basement entertainment venue, a boutique hotel, and a spa. The matchday capacity of the whole venue after the development will be 28,000.

Heart of London

The Craven Cottage sits on a very strategic location and is very close to the center of London. The significant part is that the facility rests on the bank of the River Thames and is a ground steeped in rich history and tradition.

Put in Giannuzzi, “London is one of the greatest Cities on the planet. And we want each and every individual to enjoy to the hilt at the redeveloped Craven Cottage.”

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  • How to attract people from all walks of life even on a non-matchday at Craven Cottage and enjoy precious moments in this most magical place on earth.


A Hub for the Community

Fulham is a very affluent and residential neighborhood but does not boast a full-on entertainment hub – “We always felt from Day One that by going ahead with this development we would really become a central hub for the entire community. Not only football fans but everybody should feel welcome at Craven Cottage.”

The redecorated Craven Cottage would serve as a Meet ‘n’ Greet place where people can let their hair down.

He added, “This is a massive investment and the Riverside Stand which was demolished in the year 2019 is being remodeled for circa 150 million. We are going to create more than 250 jobs and the cumulative reach for Fulham games is huge as it is a Premier League team.”

Basement Venue

The basement area is going to be transformed into a venue offering year-round entertainment and other types of activities – “We want to host major musical acts, big corporate events and the space is going to be very flexible in order to host all kinds of events.”

Riverside Market

In London, like in most global Cities, the food market is very much a standard. Usually, these markets are created in areas where the transportation network is smooth – “We decided to set up a Riverside Market – an out-of-the-box kind of idea – and feel that people will really enjoy this experience with stunning view of the river. There will also be a walkway and people can pass by the stadium and enjoy gourmet food in the different outlets which will come up.”

Dining Level

On the first floor will come up two restaurants offering spoilt-for-choice food for gastronomes – “We have got Michelin dining restaurant on the first floor which will remain open to the public all year round.”

Event Space

The Event Space will sit on the second floor and companies can host private parties in this space – “The idea here is to create a destination where companies would feel at home running their events and take advantage of all the facilities on offer – the restaurants, the spa, etc.

Members Club

London is the main City in the world when it comes to Members Club – there are so many of them and the reason is that they exude the environment of a home away from home and in Fulham this was a natural fitting to the project – “The Members Club is five or six miles away from both side and we thought this would entice people to use the space to the best possible extent. They could come here for an event, to work out, to socialize and this is the reason why we thought that a Members Club would really sit well on our destination.”

Roof Terrace

From the Roof Terrace one can get amazing and sweeping views of the River Thames and it will also act as a huge space where people can socialize and spend quality time.

Health Club

The Health Club will be huge (four floors) and it is not about just a couple of treatment rooms – “We really want to create a thermal destination where fitness freaks could come, spend two to three hours enjoying themselves and spending quality time in the health club.”

Boutique Hotel

A 13-room five-star category hotel and a masterplan are in place which allows room for future expansion and will sit well on the whole development. The choicest of food and drinks will be on offer and people can soothe their frayed nerves in the spa facility.


Angelo Giannuzzi concluded by stating that once the revamp work of Craven Cottage is over, it will definitely offer an out-of-the-world experience to people and they will never stop ‘crav’ing to visit this destination par excellence.

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