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HAVRION in partnership with Samsung Electronics America have come together to work their magic with a cutting-edge technology in a New York based Major League Baseball (MLB) team’s ballpark in the United States. They have succeeded in fixing and enhancing the in-venue experience through displays thus resulting in a vision creating the ultimate venue display pack.

Daniel Rodriguez who is the Co-Founder of HAVRION boasts extensive knowledge on technical matters – displays, videoboards, ribbons, you name it. He is also in the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HAVRION, a leading technology enabler that helps clients in major industries evaluate, architect, secure, and manage technology on premise, in mobile and in the cloud.

In an exclusive with ‘Coliseum’, Daniel Rodriguez, CTO/Founder, Havrion, US, talked at length about the largest deployment of LED in a US, baseball stadium and how in partnership with Samsung Electronics America the duo completely transformed the ballpark’s Digital Displays to create an interactive fan experience like never before. John Pollard, Head of Sports and Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, briefly joined Rodriguez to explain how with their “great partner” HAVRION, they took up the challenge of making communication tools gateways of conversations and messaging to fans and guests visiting the ballpark and how it can bring in sweeping changes to the sports environments.


Miramar FL, (US)-based HAVRION is a software solutions company, who’s focused on delivering advanced technology to stadium, arenas, corporate and retail in partnership with SAMSUNG. At HAVRION, they aim to create innovative technology that significantly enhances facility performance, fan engagement and life safety through the interconnection of actions and outcomes on digital displays.

Under their PERFORM platform, HavrionTV delivers the highest quality fully native commercial IPTV experience combined with Samsung’s MagicINFO. Their advanced IPTV technology puts live events, advertising, and branding in your hands through a single cloud native solutions.

Major League Baseball

New York (US)-based the Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization. One of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, the MLB comprises 30 teams, divided equally between the National League (NL) and the American League (AL), with 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada.

Put in Daniel Rodriguez, “We had a great opportunity to work with the industry leader Samsung from an innovative perspective on the largest deployment of a LED in a baseball stadium in the United States. Samsung has very compelling display products and our goal was to create an experience where the stadium really comes to life around digital display. It was also about really engaging and understanding the journey of the fans and the fans’ experience.”

John Pollard explained that the biggest challenge was that the MLB team wanted smart displays in their ballpark “and the specification was that there had to be nothing behind the display. They wanted everything native on display. Samsung’s SOC displays with HAVRION’S solutions helped drive that innovation.”

Remarked Rodriguez, “The first key objective was Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). So, the goal of 1500 displays across the ballpark, 41 luxury suites, about 12 distinct premium club spaces, largest concession areas in Major League Baseball. Moreover, on the platform and through IPTV and Samsung’s industry leading digital signage technology we were able to consolidate all of these services, which include foodservices, around the single smart display.”


Forget about wayfinding as Rodriguez puts it, “the next generation capability in the stadium is WAYTELLING. And waytelling is we are using all of this realtime data coming from location-based services, customer profile information and we are influencing the fans’ journey to the use of the visual experience. We use the visual experience to understand where people are in the stadium, where there are fully qualified visitors, where they are queuing up and then influence the journey through dynamic content switching on displays.”

He added, “The unique thing about MLB is that it has lot of breaks in the action and with Samsung’s SOC Display we were able to ensure that no one in the MLB team’s ballpark missed a minute of the action wherever they were in the ballpark – whether in the premium lounges, premium restaurant spaces or one could be in one’s own seat. We bring in 75 channels of direct TV services as well as a lot of local over-the-air channels and we consolidate all of that into a single ECD use interphase on the display. With the SOC Display we are no longer bound by the traditional infrastructure rules associated with hanging and deploying displays. There are dynamic displays in every physical location in the ballpark.”

Suite Spaces

There are 41 luxury suites in the ballpark and each suite is equipped with no less than three either 65 or 75 inch UHD 4K displays. Rodriguez pointed out that again, from an implementation perspective “it is just the display power and the connection network. No additional infrastructure required and the customers are spoilt for choice. It was not an easy feed and we had to implement modern technology which means that the product you see on the field is the same as the one that you see on the display as well as enable to customize this experience in any way the suite owner would like to.”


Daniel Rodriguez wrapped up by stating that HAVRION enables a “fully immersive environment, fan experience moments in realtime, dramatically reduced infrastructure cost, focus on realtime data, 10X multiplier for ROI and how we drive the visual experience across the stadium, perform our machine learning capabilities to process all of these information in realtime and in case of emergency or matters of safety we can take over the displays on the use of location-based services and address the matter pronto.”

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