Jurkstaite AS Monaco Chief Business Officer


Une Marija Jurkstaite joins AS Monaco Basket-Ball Image: Coliseum GSVA

Une Marija Jurkstaite has joined AS Monaco Basket-Ball S.A. (ROCA TEAM) as the Chief Business Officer.

A ‘LinkedIn Post By Une Marija Jurkstaite’ stated, “I don’t see a big deal in New Year and personally find New Year’s Eve quite overrated. I feel it serves more as an excuse to put off annoying tasks and commitments. The end of the year approaches with a nagging need to chase a good time, accompanied by some ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) and excuses for overeating. However, there is one good thing: An opportunity to pause for a second and reflect. I have abandoned LinkedIn recently, so probably this should have been four separate posts, short and spread out over a number of months, but I already admitted that people use the end of the year as a good excuse. So, as we enter 2024, I want to reflect on my past decade in the industry and use the opportunity to share some recent exciting developments on my end. Over time, it became more and more clear to me that BC Žalgiris Kaunas (a professional basketball club that plays in the Lithuanian Basketball League [LKL] and the EuroLeague) was an exceptional place to grow and thrive professionally. A safe and encouraging environment to create, improve and innovate alongside driven and passionate colleagues and empowering leadership truly was an ideal incubator for growth. Thank you, Paulius Motiejunas (Euroleague Chief Executive Officer [CEO]), team and partners, I am grateful for the invaluable experiences I gained there.”

The ‘LinkedIn Post By Une Marija Jurkstaite’ further stated, “However, after eight years, hunger for new challenges brought me to the United Kingdom, where I found myself immersed in one of the most exciting, complex and grand projects in Europe. I feel very fortunate to have joined the YTL Arena Bristol, Andrew Billingham (head honcho, YTL Arena) and his team, who greeted me warmly. During my time in the UK, I came to realize that it is indeed Europe’s hub for sports and live entertainment, and was blessed with the opportunity to visit the finest venues and stadiums one could find. But sometimes, life presents us with unexpected opportunities that can take us to places beyond our imagination. This is how I found myself in Monaco, where I joined the AS Monaco Basket-Ball S.A. (ROCA TEAM). It’s inspiring to see how much they have achieved in a short period of time, and I’m thrilled to play a part in helping them shine even brighter!”

The AS Monaco Basket-Ball S.A., also known as the ROCA TEAM, commonly referred to as AS Monaco or simply Monaco, is a French-registered Monaco-based professional basketball club. They are a part of the Monaco-based multisports club of A.S. Monaco, which was founded in 1924. Their home ground is the 4,600-capacity Salle Gaston Médecin, an indoor sports arena in Monaco (country in Europe).

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