Website predicts Feb 17, 2022 completion for Vegas stadium


Oakland Raiders - stadium update Image: Oakland R./LV Review Journal-Erik Verduzco

The Oakland Raiders’ shiny new $1.8-billion Las Vegas NFL Stadium’s estimated true completion date will be February 17, 2022, the Oakland News Now website predicted citing information released by Raiders via The Las Vegas Review Journal. The new date is far later than the original projected completion date of the venue construction by June 2020.

The Oakland News Now, in its calculations, considered the groundbreaking day November 1, 2017 as the starting point of construction of the 65,000-seater mega stadium. It however said that even if one shaves off four months and moves the date-of-measure back from the November 2017 to February 14, 2018 as a start time, that still leaves November 17, 2021 as the date the stadium is finished.

This is a far cry from the originally projected June 2020 month period as the time the large event complex would be finished, the website said.

On July 7, Don Webb, CEO of StadCo, who are in charge of building the new stadium told the Journal that the project is nearly 15 percent completed. “We’re 15 percent through the construction, so there’s 85 percent of the potential for surprises still lingering,” Webb said.

Using this statement as the basis, Oakland News Now made the following mathematical deductions to predict the final completion date.

“From stadium groundbreaking to this July 8th point in time is 233 days, over which time 15 percent of stadium construction has been done, according to Mr. Webb. Take 15 percent and convert that to a number which is .15.

“Then take that /15 and divide it by 233 to get the total number of days needed to finish the stadium based on what Mr. Webb said: that’s 1,533 days. Then subtract 233 to shave off the days already elapsed, and that leaves us with 1,320 days.

“Then, using a ‘days-to-date’ online calculator to find out what day is 1,320 days into the future from today, and we get February 17, 2022,” the website predicted.


Construction on time: Las Vegas Stadium Authority

Meanwhile, the Journal published another report asserting that the construction of the stadium is on time. “Las Vegas stadium work crews are putting the equivalent of about $4 million a day into work at the site, and the project is on time and on budget,” the report said citing Las Vegas Stadium Authority officials.

More than 500 workers are on the indoor football stadium project due to be completed in time for the 2020 NFL season, it said.

The report also revealed that part of the funding for the mega stadium will come from the personal seat licenses (PSLs) which will range anywhere between $3,900 and $75,000 each.

Raiders President Marc Badain was quoted by the Journal as saying that the team is in the second of three phases of PSL sales, with Oakland season ticket holders getting the first crack at mid-level PSLs through mid-August.

Las Vegas fans who have placed deposits will be invited to participate next. PSLs for those seats range from $3,900 to $15,000 per seat, the report said.

Club-level and VIP seat PSLs – the most expensive ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 per seat – were sold between March and May. About 73 percent of those sales went to fans with Nevada addresses, the report said adding that Badain wouldn’t predict what percentage of buyers would be from Nevada in the current sale.

A third tier of sales will occur later in the year for the last PSLs and season tickets.

Stadium Authority Chairman Steve Hill said the successful sales are reflective of the popularity of the team and Las Vegas.

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