Russia wings to Turkey sports tourism dreams


Turkey new arena planned in Bodrum Image: Bodrum Arena

With the help of Russian technology, the Bodrum Arena project (Turkey) will get going in around five months time with more than 70 million-euro ($83 million) investment, the head of the Russian-Turkish Business Council, Akhmet Palankoev, informed.

The Turkish City of Bodrum is set for a new multipurpose arena, which will have a focus on ice sports.

‘Bodrum Arena’ stated that in addition to ice hockey rinks and skating areas, the complex, which will employ 300 people, will host concerts, open-air shows and events.

The project will contribute to sports tourism in Turkey and will be completed in 15 months time.

Palankoev added, “We also want to open a school where young people interested in ice hockey, ice skating and other ice sports can receive education.”

The project will be implemented by SportInvest Bodrum that is based on the principle of a public-private partnership with the Municipality of Bodrum, the Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) and several private investors.

Economic and trade relations constitute the driving force behind Turkish-Russian relations. Russia has been one of the most important trade partners of Turkey with energy constituting one of the most important elements of the bilateral ties.

Why Bodrum


Population factor

The ‘Bodrum Arena’ further stated that the population of Bodrum (Turkey) is about 200, 000 people. The population together with the nearby Cities of Turgutreis, Yalıkavak and Milas comes to more than 1, 000, 000 people. The popularity of the region leads to an increase in the population up to 2, 000, 000 in summer due to the arrival of tourists.


Bodrum is distinguished by its unique geographical location, the presence of a modern international airport and seaports.

Soothing climate

A favorable, warm climate, no sweltering heat and a short, mild winter.

Added attractions

The current popularity of the region as a holiday destination among Turkish citizens and foreign tourists. A large number of cafes, restaurants, significant attractions, and walking areas.

Project target

  • A tourist flow increase, internal and external event activity growth. These factors have a positive effect on the development of thе region as a whole. Development of new types of tourism (sports, business). Expanding the City’s infrastructure and stimulating the creation of new jobs for the City’s residents;
  • Popularization of the region and the country as a whole contributes to attracting significant international events to the region;
  • Involvement of the population in mass, amateur and professional sports increases the coverage of people leading a healthy lifestyle;
  • Significant increase in business activity;
  • Holding international sports competitions, conferences, exhibitions, economic forums, shows of world stars, circus performances and other significant events, as a result of increasing sports and cultural activity;
  • Development of children’s professional and amateur sports. Creation of sports academies and sports schools, organization of additional education;
  • Creation of more than 300 jobs. More than 300 places on a permanent basis and from 100 to 300 jobs during the event period;
  • Increase in tax revenues to the City and State budgets;
  • Year-round use allows to maintain the flow of events throughout the year and, as a result, reduce the dependence on seasonality;
  • Creating a favorable image of Bodrum and the Republic of Turkey in the professional sports arena and creating infrastructure for winter sports;
  • General development of infrastructure and increasing investment attractiveness of the region and the country as a whole; and
  • Involvement of Turkish design and construction companies.


Construction parameters


Location of the multifunctional sports and entertainment complex was chosen based on the following factors:

  • Infrastructure environment;
  • Stream of people; and
  • Transport accessibility.

The above criteria are necessary in order to increase the number of potential visitors.

The total area of the constructed facilities will be about 30,000 sq. m. and will feature:

  • Three transformer arenas 9,000 sq. m.;
  • Hotel 7,000 sq. m.;
  • Lobby with retail space 3,000 sq. m.
  • Food court 3,000 sq. m.;
  • Restaurant 1,200 sq. m.;
  • Outdoor pool under a canopy 2,400 sq. m.;
  • Technical and service premises 5,000 sq. m.; and
  • Cabins for staff accommodation 1,200 sq. m.


The complex has been designed for:

  • Ice hockey rinks;
  • Mass skating areas;
  • Show programs;
  • Congresses, conferences and exposition;
  • Sports equipment and related goods shops; and
  • Public catering.

The sports and entertainment complex ‘Bodrum-Arena’ can rightly be considered as a unique and high-tech facility. In the implementation of the project, the standards of ‘Green Construction’ with care for the environment will be given topmost priority. The construction uses the latest Russian technologies that have no analogues in the world, for example, the construction is based on single-span wooden beams with a width of 130 m. The use of this technology allows significantly reducing the construction time and reducing operating costs. This technology differs from the existing metal-frame structures in environmental friendliness, modern design and the ability to accommodate the maximum number of lighting and sound equipment.

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