San Antonio Scorpions unveils expansion plan for Toyota Field


San Antonio Scorpions

San Antonio Scorpions released a proposal to expand their home stadium Toyota Field on September 2. The proposed expansion would add add 10,000 seats and a European-style façade to the Scorpions’ soccer-specific stadium. Toyota Field currently seats 8,000.

With an estimated cost of $38 million to $45 million, the expansion would also include 18 suites for a total of 32; three additional club areas; a roof canopy over the new seating areas, which would occupy the north and east stands; and a high-powered beacon to be lit during matches that can be seen for miles. (The beacon’s light would turn from white to red after Scorpions goals and victories.)

The new facade, combined with the existing west stand, would give the stadium an intimate enclosure similar to the European venues upon which it was modeled by Pro Sports Developments of San Antonio. Viewed from above, the roofed portion curls around the playing field to resemble a scorpion’s tail.

“This will rival any top-tier soccer-specific stadium in the country,” Scorpions owner Gordon Hartman said in his statement to the media.

The announcement followed a recent City Council consideration request, sponsored by councilman Mike Gallagher, to begin exploring funding options for Scorpions’ potential move to Major League Soccer (MLS).

With the possibility of the city support and outside investment necessary to make such a move coming into place, Hartman is enthusiastic about his team’s chances of joining the top flight of US professional soccer.

“San Antonio is definitely … on the short list,” he said. “The reason we are is because we have some elements in place, and we have others that can see now. If those elements mature and come together, we will have the right package to present to MLS, to not only be on the short list, but actually on the list.”

In all, the improvements look likely to help push Toyota Field into the upper echelon of soccer-specific venues in North America, should the project comes to fruition.

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