Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics bidding process gets rolling

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Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games Image: Beijing 2022/MJR Group Ltd./Coliseum

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organizers have opened the bidding process and companies have been invited to bid for official supplier contracts in several categories.

Last week, the organizing committee issued an invite to suppliers of packaged snacks. Brand designers were issued an invite the week before to apply for an official designation. Last month, paint suppliers were invited.

Two tiers of supplier are there for Beijing 2022 – Official Exclusive Supplier and Official Supplier. These are the third and fourth rungs, respectively, in a four-tier sponsorship program topped by Official Partners, and with Official Sponsors on the second level. All three of the recent invites sent out are for third-tier Official Supplier deals.

Organisers have invited suppliers specializing in paint, brand design and packaged snacks to be become either Official Exclusive Supplier or Official Supplier.

The packaged snacks category is restricted to “baked bread, dried fruits and snacks based on potato, rice, wheat and corn”. Companies interested in the designation will have to send a letter of intent to the Organizing Committee by April 24, 2020.

April 17 is the deadline for the brand design services supplier to send a letter of intent. The paint supplier letter of intent was to be received by the Organizing Committee by March 27.

All three invites require bidders to have “a good social image, business reputation and performance”, and “strong economic strength, financial and technical capabilities”.

A qualification of the intended enterprise must exist as well to prove the legitimacy of the business.

The Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee will carry out follow-up solicitation to ensure these standards are met by applicants.

iFLYTEK angle

Last year on September 16, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee held a press conference announcing that the partially State-owned Chinese information technology company iFLYTEK had become the Official Automated Translation Software Exclusive Supplier of the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

During the Winter Olympics, iFLYTEK will help people from different places understand and communicate with each other, thereby creating an environment that people can enjoy to the hilt.

Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK’s forte lie in artificial intelligence (AI), speech recognition, natural language processing and autonomous learning. In recent years, they have begun expanding their businesses into consumer electronics, with the iFLYTEK translator being one example.

As of now, the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Organizing Committee has signed up nine Official Partners, five Official Sponsors, and two Official Exclusive Services Suppliers. The Official Partners list includes Bank of China, Air China, Yili Group, Anta Sports, Shougang Group, PetroChina, Sinopec, and State Grid Corporation of China while the list of Official Sponsors consists of Tsingtao Brewery, Yanjing Brewery, Jin Long Yu, Shunxin Holdings, and Cultural Investment Holdings. EF Education First and iFLYTEK are the two Official Exclusive Services Suppliers the organizing committee has signed up so far.

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