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Jacob Molz, VP, Marketing & Sales Operations, 24/7 Software and ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ Image: MJR Group Ltd./ Coliseum/ 24/7 Software

The COVID-19 crisis is holding the whole world to ransom. It is causing death, inconvenience, and great physical and economic suffering. Livelihoods have been lost and the virus has left a trail of death. The worst sufferers are the marginalized section of the society who is facing the burden.

Coronavirus knows no boundaries. To date, the coronavirus cases worldwide stands at 2,146,291 and fatalities has crossed the 1 lakh mark – 144,104. The worst-hit countries are United States, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany, to a certain extent. Though in Germany the death toll is still less when compared to the other European countries. The COVID-19 hotspot has moved from Wuhan in China to the US where body bags are piling up by the day – 33, 490 deaths till date.

In such a scenario, US-headquartered 24/7 Software – a leading provider of operations management software solutions for operations centers including commercial and residential properties, corporate, sports, and public entertainment venues– has come out with a ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ (download/open with this link).

Jacob Molz, Vice-President, Marketing & Sales Operations, 24/7 Software, gives exclusive details to ‘Coliseum’ on what the ‘Best Practices Guide’ is all about. Who conceived the whole idea of coming out with the ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’? “Looking at the growing aggression of coronavirus the world over, the 24/7 Software team decided to come out with the ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ in the second week of April.”

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What exactly is the ‘Best Practices Guide all about’? “It is an accurate set of documentation to help you to leverage your software during the COVID-19 crisis – proactively. We created it in order to support our customers using our software during the deteriorating coronavirus situation,” he stated.

Is the ‘Best Practices Guide’ just meant for your customers? “No. 24/7 Software is donating the platform to any property supporting COVID-19 operations globally. By property, I am referring to stadiums, arenas, convention centers, hospitals, anything can mean a property. It is a kind of resource for anybody who wants to use it. It allows any property to support its operations and stay proactive during the coronavirus crisis. We are donating our platform globally with no charges till September 30, 2020, and there is no obligation to continue using post-September 30,” the top official informed.

The main objective of 24/7 Software is to support the properties as they work diligently to support their communities so that everybody gets back to their feet amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 Best Practices Guide can be used to execute immediate actions to support every individual’s efforts.

Molz informed that the thrust of the ‘Best Practices Guide’ was on cleanliness – the sanitation quotient of property– “We urge the importance of focusing on cleanliness and reducing risk by documenting and having a log of specific sanitation. You must be prepared to combat any untold litigation expenses, especially as you will now be liable for any proof of due care provided without complete, accurate documentation. People will return to your property, which requires us all to be diligent in how you manage sanitation and risk. The ‘Best Practices Guide’ will help employ sanitation protocols to keep employees, vendors, and customers safe on and off your property.”

Molz added that the ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ is a set of best practices to use to leverage the existing platform during the coronavirus crisis and it will show you how you can use your Text communication to notify full-time, part-time, and temporary employees with real-time updates of what’s occurring on the property – from COVID-19 cases to scheduling to critical protocol changes.

He further informed, “The ‘Best Practices Guide’ will also help the existing platform to help property maintain their incident management effectiveness by tracking all incidents that occur, especially as vendors and employees continue their on-property duties. It will also help track incidents that occur from anywhere, with limited employees on the property and others working from home. Your software keeps the operation agile. It will also help to prepare the property for reopening by tracking and documenting any incidents that occur during the final push to business as usual once the coronavirus dust settles.”

24/7 Software is also responding to COVID-19 by providing a best practice for how to use the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) web form to track all vendor-related requests and work: Keeping a record of when and where vendors perform work on your property and what they have completed; and automatically notify need-to-know personnel for follow-up sanitation protocols (e.g., dispatching housekeeping to sanitize the associated work location).

In what other way does the ‘Best Practices Guide’ help? “Checkpoint is the name of our guard tour and inspections software through which the Guide helps conduct daily and weekly inspections to ensure adequately sanitized locations and equipment. If one needs to fail an inspection, it will automatically notify the relevant employees. Failed inspections can result in a work order being sent to and created in the CMMS for prompt resolution. It also helps schedule and conduct routine security tours to ensure the safety of employees and security throughout the property,” Molz explained.

The Task Manager is a software module and the ‘Best Practices Guide’ shows you how to use it in these difficult times in the sense that it creates daily cleanliness and sanitation tasks to be completed on time and helps track their status with ease. One can use their Communicator app to update tasks to be completed in real time.

What other purpose is it serving? “We also have a software module called Activity Login and the ‘Guide’ shows you how to use it. The Activity Login manages a log of where people are on your property and what they’re doing. It reduces risk by keeping a log that timestamps everything occurring on the property. It will ensure nothing slips through the cracks. It will track all activities that support and lead up to the property’s reopening date. This ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ affords you the ability to keep everyone safe while protecting your property against liability. Now that’s what we call Proactive Operations!” wraps up Molz.

It is heartening to see platforms like 24/7 Software do their bit to ensure that the globe is a cleaner and safer place to stay in during the coronavirus pandemic which has the world in its fatal grip today.

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To download the PDF file in order to go through the ‘Best Practices Guide‘, please click here.

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