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A series of measures have been initiated by the Chengdu Sports Regulations and the Implementation Opinions of the People’s Government of Chengdu (China) to bring about a sea change in the sports scenario of the city.

The other steps to be taken are – going in for a publicity blitzkrieg vis-à-vis constructing the world-famous cultural city and giving a shot in the arm to the city’s service industry.

The main objective of Chengdu Sports Regulations and the Implementation Opinions of the People’s Government of Chengdu is to ‘Accelerate the Development of Sports Industry and Promote Sports Consumption (Chengdu)’.


Developing the sports industry by introducing novel concepts, improving the industrial infrastructure, boosting development, providing a healthy business environment, proactive market players, and strong sports consumption. The aim is to make three local sports enterprises public by 2025.

As part of the initiative, more than 10 national sports industry bases (units, projects) and 20 provincial and 50 municipal sports industry demonstration projects will be built. The total scale of sports industry in the city will reach 150 billion yuan.

Key Tasks

Bring about transformation in the sports industry layout. More import will be given on developing traditional sports such as football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming and road running. These sports enjoy huge social endorsement and strong mass participation. Along with the development of new sports, it will be ensured that there is a corresponding growth in the bicycle, tennis, baseball and softball, ice and snow, water, mountain outdoor and electronic sports market.

To promote the same, fitness and leisure, sports training, venue service, sports brokerage and sports media should be considered as the main body, and sports finance, sports talents and sports science and technology as the guarantee to construct the ecological circle of sports industry and innovative ecological chain.

Actively encouraging the development of sports industry cluster. Taking into view the local conditions and characteristics, a number of sports industry demonstration projects will be taken up. The focus will be on main business, obvious agglomeration effect and wide influence, which will be blended with culture, media, business, tourism, exhibition, community development and governance, rural revitalization, etc. All these will prove as a stimulus for industry concentration, industry integration and brand beauty of Chengdu Sports Industry and make it more visible on the global front.

To make sports public service more proficient. Keeping in tune with the principle of “encouraging innovation and tolerance and prudence’, the “Internet + Government services” should be implemented. Social enterprises should be encouraged to invest in sports industry, make monitoring more effective, bring into sharp focus public policies, standardize administrative behavior and easy access to Government services, and strive to create a healthy business ambience.

Robust Financial Support Leadership

Establishing a strong financial support system. The fund support system of “Special Fund + Industrial Fund + Social Capital” should be constructed. Special funds to be set up to put sports development work on the fast track in Chengdu, and give full play to the guiding and leveraging role of special funds.

Executing key enterprise attraction plan and key brand cultivation plan, concentrating on key areas, key regions and weak links, and increasing support for key sports events, sports enterprises, sports clubs and sports industry demonstration projects. Exploring possibilities of establishing sports industry investment funds shepherded by the Government, in which State-owned and social capital will jointly participate. Give play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, and capital should play a more pivotal role in developing the sports industry.

Social enterprises should be prodded to invest in the sports industry, and jointly cultivate sports consumption market and promote consumption upgrading. Strengthen the evaluation of the use efficiency of financial funds, the evaluation index system of financial support projects should be established and upgraded, make effective use of financial funds, and make sure the input and output efficiency of funds.

The responsible units are Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau and Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau.

Establishing relevant publishing systems in the industry. As per the indexes of total assets, main income, added value and growth rate of enterprises, we arrange systematically in groups the sports enterprises in Chengdu, and establish the publishing system of leading sports enterprises in Chengdu.

Put into practice the plan of wooing key sports enterprises and cultivating key sports brands, and to publish a list of key demonstration projects for the development of sports industry in Chengdu. Religiously publish a complete list of sports events plans and open market opportunities. Key enterprises, key projects and major competitions will be given strong support and play their key role.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.

Building Brand Sports Events

Potent support for social forces in bidding for brand events. Social forces will be buoyed up to introduce or sponsor brand competitions independently. Public services such as venues, transportation, healthcare services are provided by the Government which helps in establishing a level system of competition security. More propaganda should be given to social and commercial competitions, and a sports climate should be created to construct the pick of competition cities.

Strengthen the propaganda of social and commercial competitions, and create a good atmosphere for the construction of world famous competitions cities. The governments of districts (cities) and counties are encouraged to introduce or sponsor influential brand sports events according to their own conditions to form a ‘one District (city, county) one brand’. To hold sporting events of repute and international standards in Chengdu, a subsidy of not more than 8 million yuan is granted each time. Chengdu offers geyser of opportunities – independent cultivation, great market value, good prospects for development, and has international influence in brand competitions. Each time no more than 5 million yuan of subsidies are granted.

A national sporting event of repute is held in Chengdu, with a subsidy of not more than 3 million yuan each time. The moot point is that the subsidy fund should not exceed 50 per cent of the running cost.

The major sporting events held in Chengdu are – Chengdu Open, Chengdu Marathon, Universiade, Asia Cup 2023, and Panda Cup.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Government Information Office, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Committee, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Health Commission, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Expo Bureau, District (City) and County Governments.

Helping professional sports clubs to grow. Conditional social sports organizations are motivated to help set up professional clubs to support clubs to partake in high-level professional leagues such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, baseball and softball, electronic sports, chess, motor sport and so on.

Registered in Chengdu and crowned ‘Chengdu’ team name, taking part in international high-level professional competitions or national top professional leagues professional clubs, according to project category, level of competition, scale of competition, influence of competition, actual investment, competition results, etc., awards not exceeding 20 million yuan per season.

The all professional sports clubs in Chengdu are – Sichuan FC, Chengdu Better City FC, Sichuan Jiuniu FC and Sichuan Jinqiang.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau and Municipal Market Supervision Bureau.

Backing the development of sports social groups. Social forces should be inspired to set up sports social groups, make rich the main body of sports market and market supply, and give play to the guidance, coordination, service and supervision role of trade associations in guiding industrial layout and expanding business areas.

Sports organizations which excel shall be given a reward of not more than 500,000 yuan.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau.

Supporting the growth of sports personnel training institutions. Social forces should be inspired to set up amateur sports clubs and other training institutions for sports personnel, more money should be pumped in to train sports personnel, and support socialized sports personnel to enter professional and professional sports teams at all levels.

Sports personnel training institutions who mould up athletes in the city to represent Chengdu in high-level sports events shall be rewarded as per the relevant regulations and in accordance with the entry items, grades and achievements.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau and Municipal People’s Society Bureau.

Supporting Carriers for Building Strong Industries

Helping in the agglomeration and development of sports industry. Social forces will be egged on to invest, build, transform and operate sports facilities, sports industrial parks, and sports towns with sports characteristics and sports complexes. Sports enterprises will be motivated to consolidate all their energy towards the development of sports resources gathering areas such as Tianfu Olympic Sports City, Tianfu Greenway, Longquanshan Urban Forest Park, Longmen Mountain Forest Park, Dongan Lake Sports Center, Fenghuangshan Sports Center, and various sports tourism scenic spots, so as to form industrial functional areas with great influence and strong pulling effect.

Supporting all kinds of market participants to actively declare municipal, provincial and national sports industry demonstration bases (units, projects), sports tourism projects and sports and leisure towns in tandem with their own advantages, and awarding not more than 2 million yuan for successful declaration.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, District (City) and County Governments, and Administrative Committees of Related Industrial Functional Areas.

Increasing Land and Talent Support

Guarantee the demand for land for sports industry. The layout plan drawn up for the sports public facilities in the whole city should be linked up with the national spatial planning. In the new business land transfer, priority should be given to the construction of sports public facilities to fill the shortcomings through planning and implementation evaluation before the transfer. Based on the evaluation results and the actual situation, the much-efficient Department of Sports keeps a tab on the construction of sports facilities in the whole city, and draws up a construction plan of sports public facilities.

Development of key sports enterprises and projects will be supported and implementation of a subdivided benchmark land price system will be favored. Sports and fitness venues will be constructed and the resources of urban parks, community idle space, outdoor countryside, public green space and so on, will be utilized and tapped to the hilt. Supporting all kinds of market participants to rationally utilize the stock of industrial buildings, warehousing houses and traditional commercial houses to set up sports industry.

Collective construction land should be used to build sports enterprises and rural collective economic organizations are encouraged in this regard. Mass fitness sites should also take into account the factor of ownership or joint venture of land use rights.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Municipal Park City Bureau, Municipal Emergency Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, District (City) and County Governments.

Honing up the sports talents system. International exchanges and cooperation in the training of sports industry talents, and attracting high-level competitive talents, educational talents and management talents to start and develop in the city should be given more teeth. The newly introduced high-level talents of sports enterprises in our city and the urgent need for professional and technical personnel, according to the regulations, enjoy the policy of settling-up allowance, admission and other personnel.

Relevant colleges and universities are encouraged to set up sports industry specialties, the main focus being on training professionals such as sports goods research and development, event planning and operation, stadium operation, sports brand marketing and so on. A new mode of talent cultivation should be explored, large sports enterprises should be motivated to cooperate with universities and vocational colleges, and talent cultivation bases should be jointly set up.

The post-vocational training of sports service industry practitioners should be made more robust, and improve the quality of practitioners. Promote the establishment of sports industry talent information database and talent exchange platform to provide strong intellectual guarantee for the development of sports industry.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Talents Office, Municipal Education Bureau and Municipal People’s Society Bureau.

Creating a Quality Business Environment

Ensuring the stability, openness and fairness of sports industry policies. Spearheaded by the municipal Government, the joint meeting system of sports industry should be set up, examine and publicize the development strategy and planning of sports industry in the whole city, removing the barriers in industrial development per se, and monitor the construction of major projects.

The Office of the joint meeting is located in the Municipal Sports Bureau, which is responsible for the daily work of the joint meeting and promotes the implementation of policies and measures for the development of the sports industry taking into account relevant provisions. Encouraging districts (cities) and counties to chalk out policies and measures to promote sports industry to meet local needs and highlight local advantages, in order to form a characteristic competitive development pattern.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Government Departments, District (City) and County Governments.

Promoting the level of Government service in sports industry. The reform of the administrative examination and approval system should be more vigorous, implement the measures of “putting in custody” and establish a “one-stop” service mechanism of multi-department cooperation. The standardized and humanized service level for market participants should be raised and strict adherence to law. A think tank as regards the sports industry should be set up and the decision-making consultation and thematic research of sports industry should be strengthened.

The responsible units are – Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Government Departments, District (City) and County Governments.

This measure is under the purview of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and will come into effect on January 1, 2020, with a validity period of three years.

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