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The ninth Coliseum Summit US is heading to one of the hottest sport property market in the United States at the moment – Kansas City in Missouri – another feather to Coliseum hat – the only global sports venues business summit.

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Coliseum has over the years found its niche in the venue industry and has also carved a niche for itself by making a mark with its summits held in different places of the globe. The USP of the Coliseum meets – fountainhead of information on the A to Z of the sports venue industry.


Come June 5th-6th, 2024, and the 76,416-capacity GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri (US) will be the venue for the ninth Coliseum Summit US. The iconic National Football League (NFL) venue will be bristiling with brainstormers, intriguing-engaging-engrossing sessions with case studies presented by the venue doyens who will give a 360 degree perspective of the various facets of the sports venue industry.

Kansas City – haute ‘n’ hot sports property market

Kansas City has emerged as a powerhouse in the world of sports and is known for its passionate fans, quintessential venues and dedicated athletes. Moreover, community engagement is a big part of Kansas City’s vibrant sports culture.

Team glory

Kansas City boasts successful professional sports teams:

  • The NFL team Kansas City Chiefs – the current Super Bowl champions – is indeed the cherry on the Kansas City sports cake. Out of six appearances, the Chiefs have four Super Bowl victories in their kitty with two Super Bowl wins on the trot (2023 and 2024);
  • The Major League Baseball (MLB) team Kansas City Royals too has brought its share of glory for Kansas City just like the Chiefs. The Royals have won two World Series championships in 1985 and 2015 and four American League (AL) pennants. As of April 2024, the Royals had a winning record in their first 10 games for the first time in years. They are currently ranked first in the AL Central division with a record of 21-16;
  • The Major League Soccer (MLS) team Sporting Kansas City has also brought pride for Kansas City with the team winning four U.S. Open Cup Championships (2004, 2012, 2015, 2017), two MLS Cup trophies (2000, 2013) and a Supporters’ Shield (2000) title;
  • The Kansas City Current is a National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) franchise that plays in the CPKC Stadium, the first arena in the world built specifically for a women’s professional sports team. Women ‘power’ to the fore; and
  • Apart from the professional sports teams, Kansas City is also home to several esteemed collegiate athletic programs. The University of Kansas Jayhawks, the University of Missouri Tigers and the Kansas State Wildcats are just a few examples of the many universities that lend an animated touch to the City’s sports culture.


Vibrant venues

Kansas City’s venue bouquet boasts voguish facilities:

  • The 37,903-capacity Kauffman Stadium, often called the ‘K’, is a baseball stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, and is the home ballpark of the Kansas City Royals. It opened in 1973 and is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful ballparks in baseball. The stadium’s seating bowls and sightlines are still used as industry models. The stadium’s unique features include a 322-foot wide water spectacular. The water spectacular opened as the largest privately-funded fountain in the world;
  • The 76,416-capacity GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, home to the NFL team Kansas City Chiefs, provides the perfect backdrop for holding any event. It is considered to be one of the loudest stadiums in the world because of its bowl seating design and the Kansas City Chiefs’ fans. The stadium’s bowl seating ensures that every fan has an unobstructed view and voice, allowing sounds to carry and reach record-setting levels. The venues holds NFL games, college football games, international soccer matches, and concerts;
  • The 18,467-capacity Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City, digs of the MLS team Sporting Kansas City, is a sight to behold with best amenities on offer for the fans; and
  • Last but not the least, the 11,500-capacity CPKC Stadium in Kansas City is the first women’s professional sports stadium in the world. From a reimagined premium experience to a rocking supporter stand, the arena offers the best-of-breed facilities.

As part of the 2024 Coliseum Summit US, a pre-conference venue tour afternoon on June 4 will conclude with an ice-breaker event. First, there will be a tour of Children’s Mercy Park, followed by the new KC Current stadium tour, and then the networking evening.

On June 5th, there will be a tour at Arrowhead Stadium, and on June 6th, Kauffman Stadium will be toured.

Stadia surfeit

Kansas City, the home of sports architecture, is going into an overdrive with a raft of new stadium projects and renovations on the horizon.

The Kansas City Current has said that it will develop a mixed-use district anchored by its home – the CPKC Stadium. Meanwhile, the University of Kansas and Kansas Athletics recently announced the latest plans for the transformational Gateway District, which will feature a reimagined David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas (US), a new conference center and multiuse facilities that will enable year-round use and drive economic development in Lawrence.

These developments will come up for discussions at the 2024 Coliseum Summit US which will be held at the GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, from June 5th-6th.

Pouring cold water

The voters handed down a disappointing verdict to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals who recently rejected a sales tax initiative that would have helped pay for a new downtown ballpark for the Royals and renovations to the GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium – the Chiefs’ home arena.

More than 58 percent of voters in Jackson County, Missouri, rejected the three-eighths of a cent sales tax. The Royals, who had promised $1 billion in private funding, wanted to use their share of the tax revenue to build a new ballpark as the centerpiece of a $2 billion-plus downtown district in a thriving arts neighborhood known as the Crossroads. The Chiefs, who had committed $300 million from their ownership, wanted to use their share for an $800 million renovation of the Arrowhead Stadium.

Back to the drawing board

After the voters rejected the Chiefs-Royals tax measure in April, both the teams stated that they are looking for greener pastures. The two teams will go their separate ways for future stadium plans. The Kansas City Royals Owner John Sherman has asserted that the Royals will not play at Kauffman Stadium beyond the 2030 season.

Chiefs domed venue plans

After a very ‘sports political’ situation shortly after the April failed stadium tax, in May, renderings of a possible domed stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs was floated around to the Kansas (US) lawmakers. The renderings have been done by MANICA Architecture, an architecture firm that’s designed several stadiums across the United States.

It would be a state-of-the-art, multiuse NFL stadium, including an amphitheater and a new modern training facility with indoor and outdoor fields, plus plenty of parking for tailgating.

The Kansas lawmakers have been working on a STAR bonds proposal in order to entice the Chiefs and/or the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Kansas City Royals to come across State lines.

The STAR bonds are a State-run program that allows the Municipalities to finance the development of major projects. The Municipalities issue bonds to pay for construction, which are then paid off by future sales tax revenues.

The Chiefs are tight-lipped on the above renderings.


The Chiefs-Royals have earned lot of plaudits for themselves and have brought name and fame to Kansas City. The best way out is to find a viable solution to keep both the teams in the ‘Mecca of Sports’ – Kansas City.

Kansas City’s thriving sports culture, jaw-dropping venues, the community-first approach, collegiate programs, and glorious teams like Chiefs-Royals makes the City a perfect fit for a sports destination unto itself.

Representatives from all sports venues in Kansas City including the Kauffman Stadium, T-Mobile Center, CPKC Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas Speedway and Children’s Mercy Park, to name a few, including the University of Kansas delegates, will be attending the 2024 Coliseum Summit US at the GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.


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