Lazio ultimatum on Flaminio Stadium plans


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For the Rome City administration, home venues for the Serie A teams A.S. Roma in Pietralata and S.S. Lazio in Flaminio are a “perfect scenario”.

‘ROMATODAY’ stated that if the Friedkin family (A.S. Roma) owners are moving forward with their venue plans, the same cannot be said of S.S. Lazio owner Claudio Lotito. Now, the City administration has turned to the ‘Biancocelesti’ to issue an ultimatum to the Lazio owners as regards moving to the Flaminio Stadium.

A.S. Roma is a professional football club based in Rome, Italy. Founded by a merger in 1927, Roma has participated in the top-tier of Italian football (Serie A) for all of its existence except for the 1951-1952 seasons.

The Stadio Olimpico is the largest sports facility in Rome, Italy, seating over 70,000 spectators. It is located within the Foro Italico sports complex, North of the City. The structure is owned by the Italian National Olympic Committee and it is used primarily for association football. It serves as the home digs of A.S. Roma.

Stadio della Roma is the temporary name for Serie A team A.S. Roma’s planned stadium in the Tor di Valle neighborhood of Rome in Italy.

The site chosen for the new arena is Pietralata in Rome (Italy), right behind the Tiburtina Station and is at a shouting distance from the Sandro Pertini Hospital. It is an area owned by the City and not subject to any kind of legal constraints.

Società Sportiva Lazio, commonly referred to as Lazio, is an Italian professional sports club based in Rome, Italy, most known for its football activity. The society, founded in 1900, plays in the Serie A and has spent most of their history in the top tier of Italian football. Their home venue too is Stadio Olimpico.

Lazio Ultimatum

Explained the Rome Councilor for Sport, Tourism, Major Events, and Fashion, Alessandro Onorato during a special Capitoline Commission, “In August end, Lazio requested few documents which were delivered to them pronto by the Sports Department. We want a concrete reply as to how serious Lazio is about moving to Flaminio Stadium. We cannot wait for donkey years. At the most, we will wait until the end of the year. After that, we will look for other teams who are interested in making the stadium their home as well as investors who are ready to pick up the tab of repairing the stadium which has gone into a state of disrepair.”

Heritage Venue

The present administration intends to build a venue which best showcases the City’s heritage apart from being a temple of football. The venue should boast beyond football and best demonstrate the rich culture and heritage of the City.

Flaminio Stadium

The 30,000-capacity Flaminio Stadium is a sports center built in the homonym district of Rome, near to Piazza del Popolo, based on the architectural and engineering project by Pier Luigi Nervi and his son Antonio (his father is considered one of the Italian masters of concrete architecture in the second half of XX century).

‘ROMATODAY’ further stated that the Flaminio Stadium, apart from being a reference point for football, is also an important facility for other sports.

Lazio President Lotito is seriously examining the possibility of leaving the Stadio Olimpico for the Stadio Flaminio in Rome.

Noted Nando Bonessio, President of the Sports Commission, “Under the stands of the Flaminio Stadium, there lie structures for other disciplines. In fact, there is a 25-meter swimming pool with four lanes, a boxing and weight gym, a fencing gym, and a space dedicated to artistic gymnastics.”

Reminisced Bonnessio, “Until 2012, these were heavily frequented spaces, some managed directly by Coni, others through some associations. Slowly, the stadium has gone into a state of disrepair. Hence, we are issuing an ultimatum to Lazio to arrive at a decision soon on moving to the Flaminio Stadium.”

The 30,000 seat stadium has remained unused for over a decade and is now in a poor state, something that Lotito has had to contend with. Lazio need to iron out a number of issues, from the lack of a roof to parking facilities to the state of the stands, and a serious proposal is now being drawn up in Rome. The Lazio are taking their time to iron out all the details before making any submission as the arena is in a state of shambles.

‘No more Feet-dragging’

Reiterated Commissioner Onorato, “We cannot wait forever for Lazio to arrive at a decision as regards the Flaminio Stadium. It will be a mistake if we do so – something which the previous Councils have done as a result of which the Flaminio Stadium is almost in a dilapidated state. This is why we are keeping our options open and keeping the doors open for other football clubs and investors. We are giving Lazio time till 2022 end to make an assessment and submit a project report as regards the Flaminio Stadium.”

Lotito Speak

‘’ quoted Lotito as stating, “I’m very attached to the fact that Lazio play at the Flaminio. Having it as our home is something that will take us back to our history and our roots. But then we also have to touch on the practical aspects, not just the emotional ones. I am working to see what we can really do with all the functional people, so that we can find the solution to the problems. We have to find the right solution in a pragmatic manner. The roofs, the parking, the seats in the stands are many of the problems to be solved.”

‘’ further stated that the ‘Biancocelesti’ are currently sharing the Olimpico with interCity rivals Roma and both clubs are unhappy with the state of the City-owned stadium, regularly complaining about the quality of the pitch and lack of opportunities for commercial growth. Roma have been working on their own new stadium project and Lazio are also hard at work, focusing their efforts on the Stadio Flaminio.

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