Raiders spring a surprise for PSL holder Jaime Diaz


Allegiant Stadium first seats installed Image: Raiders /

A stadium is not complete until the seats are installed and the professional American football team – Las Vegas Raiders – have put in place the first of 65,000 seats in their on the way home facility – Allegiant Stadium – at Nevada in United States.

The first six seats of the domed Allegiant Stadium – which is all set to open in August 2020 – was positioned recently and sprang a surprise unveiling for Lifelong Raiders fan and season ticket holder Jaime Diaz and his family. Diaz holds personal seat licences (PSL) for the first six seats installed in the stadium.

Stated a full of beans Diaz, “I’m speechless. To be the first ones here to see and our seats, it’s absolutely a dream come true.” It was indeed a kind of moment-in-the-sun for the Diaz family.

The seats are black and embellishing and expanding on the top center of the backrest is the Raiders’ pirate logo.

American businessman and Las Vegas Raiders President Marc Badain maintained that in the first seat ceremony it was imperative to involve the local residents who will welcome the team as it kicks off play in Las Vegas this summer.

“We wanted to find a local family and who would enjoy that experience together and make a moment out of it. The Diaz family was a perfect candidate for it and as you could see, it was a great moment for them,” he asserted.

Since the first six seats were fixed, the construction workers at the site has been working overtime since then – dozens of seats have been installed in the 400 level on the northeast end of the avant-garde $2 billion venue.

Badain informed that installation of seats will continue through the summer -“To my understanding, they’ll go all the way up until July. You’ll start to see some of the bowl fill out as they’re able to. Different sections that they’ll have access to that don’t require any additional work there. The entire work will go even until they do the retractable seats sometime in July.”

With glass being inserted around the arena at a break neck speed, the sides of Allegiant Stadium should be fully covered by March this year, marking yet another turning point for the project.

“You see they’re going up on the exterior doors (on the north side), then on the south side you’re starting to see them enclose it there. In the next few weeks essentially the entire exterior curtain wall will be finished. That’s the next big milestone,” Badain asserted.

Las Vegas Stadium Company Chief Operating Officer Don Webb informed that the cable net roofing system and ETFE roof are lined up to be raised and in place, completely encompassing the arena, in May.

Badain explained that even if the stadium is not fully enclosed, seat installation will not be affected as they are durable and waterproof.

July 31, 2020, remains the essential date for construction work of the arena to be over, weeks ahead of the start of the NFL preseason.

When the stadium opening date nears, the Diaz family will be ready for the occasion.

Diaz stated, “Being born and raised in Las Vegas and to have a stadium and a team, we can say Las Vegas Raiders.”

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