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Red Bull Arena Leipzig construction diary Image: RB Leipzig

The Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany, is one of the best football grounds in the country. It is the home venue of the German professional football club RB Leipzig. RB Leipzig is presently the best soccer team in Germany and among the best in Europe.

The historical stadium is being totally rehabilitated and from the 2021-22 seasons on, 48,000 spectators instead of the previous 43,000 will be able to watch matches at the Red Bull Arena. For this purpose, part of the seats will be converted to standing places and some other areas are being expanded and newly built.

The Red Bull Arena will be renovated, expanded and modernized on all fronts by 2022 and overall construction is expected to be completed in 2024.

Construction update


Ring extension (As on August 20th, 2020)

The height of the ring extension building has already reached Level 5. A level transition from the new building to the existing area has been now made possible. Work is presently underway on the walls and ceilings of Level 5. This will be followed by the shell of Level 6.

Bridge work

The steel girders are 50 cms high and serve as a substructure for the bridges. Precast concrete elements have been placed on the girders and are being covered with an additional layer of concrete to further bolster it.

With the new bridges coming up on Level 7, it will be possible in the future to reach the upper tiers of Sectors A and C directly from the top of the wall.

Revamped seating (As on July 10th, 2020)

In summer 2021, Sector B of the facility will enjoy a standing room. To facilitate revamping it totally next year, coating and sealing work is on. The seating arrangement will also be totally replaced once the coating and sealing work is through. During the 2020-21 seasons, changes in the seating set-up will be carried out.

The new seating arrangement will enable one to transition from standing to seating and vice versa in matter of seconds depending on whether a national or international fixture is being staged in the stadium.

Kiosks’ demolition (As on July 9th, 2020)

To enable the construction process to be a smooth one, the existing kiosks in Sector B of the venue is being pulled down to make way for the structural work of the new building of the Red Bull Arena.

The demolition of the kiosks will make way for standing space in Sector B as part of plans to increase the capacity of Red Bull Arena. It will also allow more elbow room to supporters.

Kiosks’ revamp (As on June 9th, 2020)

Two existing kiosks in Sector D of the stadium have been revamped. The stadium control room has been converted into a kiosk which would sell beverage.

A large cold store with integrated beverage refrigerators and dispensing systems has been set up for the purpose. One of the kiosks in Sector D has been armed with futuristic technology to be able to sell food and beverages in a swifter manner.

Loading yard (As on May 18th, 2020)

The new building to the South of the Red Bull Arena is gradually taking shape. In the future, various technical areas, changing facilities for staff, storage rooms and cold rooms will be housed in the loading yard. After completion, the so-called Level 1 will be home to the shunting area right in front of the logistics building.

Above the building will sit the loading ramp on Level 2 at a height of 1.2 meters. The ceiling on Level 3 has been made using prefabricated parts.

TV compound (As on April 9th, 2020)

Construction is also going on outside of the Red Bull Arena. The TV compound will sit at the foot of the old stadium wall, directly in front of the historic West building of the arena. To facilitate better production of live images on match day, the OB vans will be furnished with more facilities.

Access bridges (As on March 20th, 2020)

Once construction work is completed, seven new bridges will come up to provide access to the Red Bull Arena. Two bridges will provide direct access to the upper tiers (Level 7) of Sectors A and C of the venue.

Apart from the new bridge over the embankment (Level 5), there will be two more access bridges to Level 6 in the South.

Work is on to lay the foundations of the two bridges to the South and Level 7 bridge to the South-West.

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