Rival Tasmania stadium vision lives on


Rival AFL stadium project for Tasmania Image: Stadia Precinct

Stadia Precinct has outlined further details of its vision for a new 23,000-seat Australian Football League (AFL) stadium in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania in Australia.

Hobart City Council recently voted in favour of providing in-principle support of Stadia Precinct Consortium to progress their proposal for a stadium at Regatta Point.

Late last year, the Tasmanian Government appeared to sink the Stadium Precinct proposal for a stadium on Hobart’s waterfront, claiming it would not meet its contractual requirements with the AFL.

It favours plans for the nearby Macquarie Point Stadium, a proposed multipurpose stadium scheduled to begin construction in 2025 and open in 2029 as the home ground of a Tasmanian AFL team.

Stadia Vision said its aim is to create a unique Tasmanian Community Precinct. It will be an example of modern design excellence and create a sense of pride for the people of Tasmania.

Stadia Precinct said in a statement, “Activation by an urban renewal project of the broader site delivers significant cultural and community benefits beyond the economic and sporting aspirations of Tasmania’s AFL team.

“Whilst a new multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof is at the heart of our proposal, our approach is to view this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as an Urban Renewal Project, with a forward-thinking and broader focus on the way Tasmanians live, work, and play.

“The Stadium Development includes the minimal requirements of the AFL for a 23,000-seat stadium with a roof. It will be a multi-purpose stadium to be utilised for multiple sports and arts and large entertainment shows.”
The developer said the proposal is more than an AFL stadium and includes:

  • Multi-Purpose (Sports and Arts) stadium with a retractable roof
  • Site for a private hospital[s] with an additional health facility in the initial design phase.
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Transport interchange that links the northern transport activation corridor and the Eastern shore ferry access to the CBD.
  • RSL “Lest We Forget” Museum and Hobart Regatta infrastructure.
  • Onsite parking facilities to support the precinct modelled with the Hobart City Council [HCC] based on their 2010 Masterplan for the Hobart CBD.
  • Meeting and convention facilities
  • Hotel(s)
  • Apartments
  • Restaurant/Retail and other Commercial tenancies
  • Others – several existing Hobart businesses have registered their interest to be involved.

Stadia Precinct said the position and the visibility the site presents give the design team the opportunity to deliver an iconic representation of Tasmania’s Beauty, Passion and Lifestyle in a statement that all Tasmanians will be proud of.

The Stadium Precinct concept has been designed to maintain the working port and critically free up the Macquarie Point area for Community Based Projects for “affordable housing”, health and wellbeing projects and the vision that many Tasmanians have voiced over the previous six months. The vision and master planning required will set a new standard for community engagement on input and transparency.

The company added, “Tasmanian Tourism has identified this need for a decade or more and the Stadium Precinct will deliver that space in its design. Recent examples in Australia with the Perth and Adelaide Oval developments show what can be achieved. Incorporating our team’s international experience will develop the opportunity further to allow events to proceed in Tasmania that had been previously unachievable.

“The list of these events achievable are phenomenal and will be detailed in our design phase so that 2028 is not only the first Tasmanian AFL Game but the year of prominence of Tasmania as an Entertainment Destination.

“At the heart of our vision is a stadium with a seating capacity of 23,000, meticulously designed for both intimacy and grandeur. Our forward-thinking approach prioritizes adaptability, ensuring that the stadium can evolve and expand to meet the future aspirations of Tasmania.”

Dynamic Space for Diverse Events

Stadia Precinct said the venue is engineered for exceptional flexibility, capable of transforming to host a wide spectrum of events:

  • Sports Diversity: AFL, Rugby, Football, Athletics, Cricket, even NFL. Each sport finds a perfect setting, with configurations tailored for optimal viewing and atmosphere.
  • Cultural Celebrations: The arena morphs into a vibrant stage for music concerts, comedy shows, festivals, and more, catering to the rich tapestry of Tasmania’s arts scene.
  • Conventions and Gatherings: With its versatile layout, the stadium is an ideal locale for conventions, corporate meetings, and special events, fostering business and community engagement.

Central to the design is the capacity for growth. The stadium’s structure is conceived with expansion in mind, ensuring that it can be scaled-up seamlessly as demand and opportunity grow. It will be a future-ready venue, able to adapt to the changing needs and dreams of the community.

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