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MetLife Stadium, located just outside New York City in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is a multipurpose stadium that is home to the National Football League (NFL) teams New York Giants and New York Jets. The stadium is one of the largest venues in the NFL with a footprint extending across 2.1 million square feet, and a capacity of 82,500 for football and soccer, and 50,000 for concerts.

Tripleplay is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IPTV and Digital Signage software solutions and the platform of choice for over 200 sports teams, arena and stadia across the world.

James Keen, Vice-President (VP), Marketing, Tripleplay Services Limited, UK, is a Member of Coliseum – Global Sports Venue Alliance.

Cutting-edge technology

Tripleplay stated that deploying leading-edge technology to improve the fan experience was a key priority for the MetLife Stadium technology team. The venue has over 2,000 HDTV screens that deliver immersive Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and informational digital signage to fans on public plazas and concourses, at concession stands and in club spaces and private suites.

Having a central platform that seamlessly managed both IPTV and digital signage content across widely dispersed end points was a significant challenge.

Tripleplay further stated that after evaluating multiple platforms, the technology team selected Tripleplay based on its overall ease of use, provision of proof of play reporting for sponsorship advertising activations, ability to manage digital signage content, and strong track record of widescale, enterprise-level deployments.

A space for every fan to catch

The MetLife Stadium has several club spaces including the EY Coaches Club, Corona Beach Club, West Mezzanine Club, Commissioners Club, and the MetLife 50 Club that are spread across different levels of the stadium. Within each club, the HDTV screens are strategically placed alongside seating areas, in bar areas and at concession stands. Digital content displays a combination of menu items, brand advertising and a real-time broadcast of the on-field game action or entertainment.

Broadcasting live action in real time is vital for an engaging fan experience. Fans are more likely to visit the concession stands resulting in increased revenues if they know they will not miss a moment of the game or event when they leave their seats.

There are over 200 private suites on multiple levels of the stadium. In addition to a great seat, guests have a minimum of four large HDTVs in each suite that can each be tuned to a different channel to watch news, other sporting events, or the action on the field.

For those with tickets in the main seating bowl, there are hundreds of screens located throughout the stadium concourses that fans walk by displaying branded content, wayfinding and the action on the field.

Asserted Ryan McKenzie, Vice-President of Stadium Technology, MetLife Stadium, “Tripleplay has helped us when it comes to fan engagement, as well as the fan experience. We have TVs in every public area delivering the content that is on the field. This means fans are always up to date as to what’s happening, wherever they are within our venue.”

Solid partnership

With the Jets and Giants sharing the stadium, and hundreds of events throughout the year, administrators can easily switch the content on the screens to reflect the home team or event or rebrand the stadium with a few mouse clicks to switch between set profiles within a single Content Management System (CMS).

Furthermore, while hero content and templates are set up and scheduled in advance, ad hoc content can be quickly and easily changed within the CMS. For example, a food or beverage discount to celebrate a player milestone or game victory can be instantly promoted on the stadium digital screens.

Commenting on the adaptability of the system, McKenzie elaborated, “With the push of a button we’ve delivered refreshed content throughout the entire building not only increasing the return on our investment but also then providing a better service for the fan.” In addition to showing advertisements within live TV, sponsor advertising can also be delivered via digital signage with an L-wrap overlay, offering an additional valuable revenue stream. Proof of play reporting ensures all-important ROI measurement and tracking for the brands and the stadium.

McKenzie reinforced this adding, “Tripleplay gives us the back-end tools to analyze the content that we have delivered, with reports for us to provide back to our sponsor partners.”

With a long-term working relationship now established between the MetLife Stadium and Tripleplay, McKenzie is delighted with the technology platform as well as the partnership.

He wraps up by stating, “This is a business that does not stop just because the day has ended. We have events all the time at the oddest hours of the day and having a partner like Tripleplay that is willing to pick up the phone and be there for us makes all the difference in the world.”

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