United Airlines gets naming rights for LA Memorial Coliseum


LA Coliseum naming rights - United Airlines Image: LA Rams

The University of Southern California and United Airlines have reached an agreement to rename the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while still honoring the stadium’s original intentions, Yahoo Sports reported.

Beginning in August and for the next 10 years, the LA Memorial Coliseum will be referred to as “United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.”

The new name preserves the original venue name, which was originally designated as a memorial for World War I veterans, and it resolves the previous controversy surrounding the name change by naming just the field.

Originally, the stadium was set to be renamed as “United Airlines Memorial Coliseum,” but received backlash for commercializing the historic locale from veterans groups and politicians.

At the time, Los Angeles County supervisor Janice Hahn and president of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission said, “I think changing the name by taking out Los Angeles really dishonors the memory of those to which this memorial was built.”

Following the controversy, United reportedly offered to withdraw from the deal entirely.

At the time, United Airlines California president Janet Lamkin said in a statement, “If USC is not in a position to honor the terms of the agreement, including in particular the name change, United would be amenable to abiding by the wishes of the community, stepping away from this partnership with USC, and mutually terminating the agreement.”

The two sides did not withdraw as the agreement was a necessary part of financing the $315 million renovation of the arena. Instead, they went back to the table and revised the agreement.

Under the new agreement, the name change will be in effect for 10 years instead of the original 16 and the field will be the only aspect named.

“I am pleased that USC and United have come together in a way that will honor the memories of veterans who served in World War I and our broader community of veterans,” Hahn said.

“This agreement ensures that United Airlines remains an important corporate sponsor of the Coliseum renovation project and that the legacy of the Coliseum remains,” Hahn added. “I am proud that we are moving forward with a shared commitment to veterans.”

USC announced that it will partner with United in creating additional means to honor local veterans, including creating a new memorial at the Coliseum.

The memorial, which was built in 1923, has played host for the 1932 and 1984 Olympics and will do so again in 2028. Currently, it is the home of the USC Trojans football team and temporarily the Los Angeles Rams.

The official start date and renovation coincides with USC’s opening game against Fresno State on Aug. 31.

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