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Matthew Dobrosevic has got the gift of the gab and speaks easily and with a strong sense of confidence on the subject. His world revolves around realtime data as he says “data is crucial”.

Dobrosevic who holds a key post with the software company 24/7 Software talks in detail on how the company’s realtime data help streamline the operations of the venues which results in an enriching experience for the fans.

Matthew Dobrosevic is a Product Leader with 20 years of experience across various industries including: FinTech, Online Gambling, Higher Education, Insurance, Data Aggregation, and more. As is evident, he is passionate about technology and dives deep into the world of data.

In an exclusive talk with ‘Coliseum’, Matthew Dobrosevic, VP, Product and Analytics, 24/7 Software, US, tells that “data is crucial to streamline venue operations from a security perspective, from a management perspective and from a guest experience perspective” and the venue operators/owners should come with a “data-driven mindset” so that the fan experience in the venues is totally flawless.

24/7 Software

Boca Raton (US)-based the 24/7 Software is the global leading provider of operations and safety management software for the world’s greatest venues across Sports, Leisure and Entertainment. The software solutions include incident and emergency management, realtime communications for the venue guests and the staff, computerized maintenance management, lost and found, guard tours, and advanced analytics for gather and analyzing key data across venues and events.

Beaming with pride, Matthew Dobrosevic stated, “The 24/7 Software has, over time, evolved from the company that focuses on incident management, broader operations across the venue and today 85 percent of the sports teams across North America utilize our software on gameday and beyond.”


Presenting a case study about the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Limited (MLSE) – a professional sports and commercial real estate company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – he informed that the MLSE is a part of the larger district campus and they manage multiple venues – “They have a wide variety of teams across multiple leagues. They also have a wider range of facilities that cater to the fans including the restaurant areas and other different entertainment facilities. Our system helped them streamline their operations across their disparate teams and disparate departments in their different venues and helped to break down the silos and thus improve the fan experience. We also helped them expedite the use of realtime data.”

He narrated about alcohol-related incidents in the venues and few fans causing trouble and getting arrested and “the biggest challenge was how we can help the teams operating in the venues to be aware of that data, share that data across the different departments and respond in realtime.”

Added Dobrosevic, “A bigger challenge is getting good, clean data. A lot of venues today use incident management system and communication tools with their fans. But are they getting good, clean data? The challenge is to improve the use of these technologies to provide better data to make better decisions. It is about getting people engaged, getting them engaged to use the right dashboard and the right visualizations for the right people, the different departments and the teams.”

He said that the 24/7 Software helps to get to the bottom of the problem in realtime and “our software helps drive decisions and also helps to break down the incident data across the venue in different ways”.

Heat Map

A heat map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which various values are represented by the colors.

Dobrosevic further explained that the red spots in the heat map “tell us the severity of issues the housekeeping teams or the security teams are facing in a venue than others at different point of time during the day and we pull out all the stops to turn those red spots into green.”

The 24/7 Software also comes to the rescue of people waiting in long, serpentine queues before a restaurant – “We have video analytics of queues at restaurants and if the people are getting into fights frustrated over the long waiting time we help them by redirecting them to another restaurant. And that could be affected in realtime only because you can see those data and you can react to those data in realtime.”

Lessons Learned

He said that while working with the MLSE, “we learnt that the data has to fall into the hands of the right team at the right time so that they can react in realtime. One should also be able to deliver the dashboards (information management tool) to the decision-makers.”

Close Out

Matthew Dobrosevic summed up his data talk by affirming, “Better processes and procedures create better data and better processes and procedures enable realtime decisions that can change the outcome of an event for the better for your fans and the guests. Also, the specific dashboards are going to enable the various teams working in a venue to make data-driven decisions in realtime which would finally result in smooth venue operations and maintenance and an exalted experience for the fans.”

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