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Optus Stadium roof tour Image: Optus Stadium

The newest attraction on Perth’s (Western Australia) horizon – HALO – the rooftop tour at Optus Stadium – is now open for bookings and set to launch to the public on February 27th , 2021, further providing an exhilarating experience at this fans-first venue, which recently became the first sporting venue in Western Australia to be 5G-enabled.

Perth Stadium, also known by naming rights sponsorship as Optus Stadium, is a multipurpose stadium in Perth, Western Australia, located in the suburb of Burswood. It was completed in late 2017 and officially opened on January 21st, 2018. The stadium has a capacity to pack in over 60,000 people, making it the third-largest stadium in Australia (after the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Stadium Australia). The stadium can be extended up to 65,000 seats for rectangular sports.

People will be able to walk around the Optus Stadium rooftop and view Perth from a unique perspective and will also be able to lean out over the field of play for the ultimate, but safe, Instagram photo, 42m above the ground.

HALO will also offer people the amazing opportunity to sit in specially constructed rooftop seats, even while sporting events are taking place on the field of play below.

The two-hour tour, to be conducted by knowledgeable and experienced Tour Leaders, will provide people with the unique opportunity to see what their sporting heroes looks like from 42m above.


Shop-till-you-drop at THE OZONE, located on-site at Optus Stadium. It is the public’s one-stop shop for all Optus Stadium experiences. People can not only book HALO, but also the Optus Stadium Tour, the Warrang-Bridil Aboriginal Culture Tour and Matagarup Bridge Climb.

These attractions at Optus Stadium are all part of the experience that make the Burswood Peninsular Perth’s most exciting adventure and entertainment precinct.

Head honcho, Mike McKenna, said the Optus Stadium already enjoys the reputation as the most beautiful sporting venue in the world, the most futuristic stadium in Australia and is now becoming a 365-day-a-year venue – “Halo is a Government-funded enhancement to the stadium which broadens the options for fans to enjoy the venue and increases the return on the State investment. We want the public to visit Optus Stadium all year round whether it is taking in an Australian Football League (AFL) game, a Test match, a rock concert, or any number of world-class sporting events that we have attracted so far.”

McKenna added, “But there is so much more on offer in the precinct, from a number of distinctive tours, the wonderful Stadium Park and playground areas, through to breakfast and lunch at the City View Café overlooking the Swan River and Perth.”

5G teeth

The Optus Stadium recently took on the mantles of the first commercial building in Australia (excluding Optus retail stores) and the first sporting venue in Western Australia to be 5G-enabled. Visitors to the arena who have a 5G handset can now benefit from the newly switched-on 5G technology with faster download speeds and a more reliable video and app streaming experience.

5G benefits

  • Fans that have a 5G handset will immediately benefit from the newly switched-on 5G technology with faster download speeds and a more reliable video and app streaming experience – even when 60,000 people are uploading images and streaming video of an event to social media channels;
  • Sports and entertainment fans won’t just get an adrenaline rush watching live sport and concerts at Optus Stadium, they will also be able to access the benefits of 5G across the facility;
  • 5G is an ideal network solution for stadiums facilitating large numbers of users in a crowd to connect simultaneously; and
  • Part of Optus’ 5G network roll-out is to enable innovative new experiences across multiple industries including sports and entertainment.


Optus Stadium tours

  • Further giving a shot in the arm to the in-stadium fan experience, Optus has also integrated 5G into the popular Optus Stadium Tour offering an immersive and interactive experience for tour patrons; and
  • Visiting the Optus Suite, guests will experience the stadium’s world famous light show using augmented reality (AR) runs over the power of Optus 5G.

Optus CEO, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, stated, “5G will be transformative in the home, at work and when we are at play, like cheering on your team or singing along to your favorite artiste. We know people have been eager to get back into Optus Stadium with a full crowd and with Optus 5G now enabled throughout the stadium, fans will be able to connect at the speed of their excitement. This next generation technology has the potential to revolutionize the way sport and live entertainment is enjoyed.”

The President of Nokia Mobile Networks, Tommi Uitto, exulted, “We are proud to support Optus in their pioneering efforts to deliver compelling 5G indoor and outdoor coverage at Optus Stadium. While access to public events has been impacted in the current environment, Optus’ 5G network will ensure extraordinary 5G experiences for all in readiness for spectators filling stadiums to capacity again.”

The Sport & Recreation Minister, Mick Murray, maintained, “5G is set to transform the way we now watch sport and live performances as well as how we connect with everyone, while also significantly enhancing the fans-first experience. It has been an exciting partnership with Optus as our naming rights partner, with many additional benefits such as added technology support and funding. I would like to thank the team at VenuesWest and VenuesLive for coordinating the roll-out of this exciting new technology together with Optus, and providing an incredible fans-first experience.”

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